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When an application has over 100 million users within two days of being installed then it simply means that the application is really a good one and is very useful indeed. Lucky Patcher is one of the good examples of the same as this software was launched on 15th November in the year of 2017 and within the end of the day after it got launched it had 10 + million users worldwide and guessed what this software is a freeware which can be downloaded from web without any cost which makes it even more better.

Download Lucky Patcher Application That Millions Are Using Worldwide

This software is actually used to stop advertisements and block unwanted downloads that happen when you are browsing the web and so many other things.

Is the software handy?

The software has been created by one of the best software and application designing company in the world, and they have taken all the necessary actions to make the lucky patcher latest version 2017 software that is highly user-friendly and can be used by even teens that are just getting into the World Wide Web.

The software gets installed on your computer easily and requires hardly 8.0 MB space which is less than an HD video where it requires more than 25 MB space. This software, in fact, makes your browsing faster and easier which indeed is a good thing.

There are different colors to which the screen changes starting from Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple and blue. The importance of the colors and the meanings of the same have been elaborated below for your reference.

Meanings of screen color on the Lucky Patcher application

It may seem a little tough to remember the meaning of different colours in the beginning, but then as the time goes on within 2 to 3 days of usage, you can actually remember what different colours mean on the Lucky Patcher application very easily. So now it is the time to start with the explanation of the colours.

  • Red –

Some applications can actually never be modified or changed so the colour Red shows that the particular application that you want to modify cannot be modified.

  • Yellow –

Some applications are already available on the software, and when you try to use them, then the screen turns Yellow.

  • Orange –

In case a particular application is already in your system then the screen turns into Orange colour. This happens when you want to download a particular software that is already on your system.

  • Purple –

When there is a start-up app, then the screen colour turns to Purple.

  • Green –

When you want to register and disconnect an app from the Google Play Store, then the screen turns Green. This is actually to say go ahead and get the work done…  

  • Blue –

Apart from that when you are using an app and see Blue color on the screen that means that the particular application that you are using has Google Ads that needs to be blocked or stopped.

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